Frequently Asked Questions

What is SCADA?
SCADA is an acronym for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It describes a system comprised of hardware and software elements that allows the manufacturer to monitor and control their processes with a computer application that collects production, quality, and other data while displaying necessary information for operators, supervisors, and managers in the context they require. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is just one of the many services we offer.

How can SCADA help improve our production system?
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) allows a mixture of remote and local control. Software user interface is responsible for data collection by accessing devices and equipment such as valves, pumps, motors, sensors, scanners and more. The system transforms all the data inputs from the devices and equipment into useful information that describes the real-time and historical states on the factory floor. These data inputs enable digital recordkeeping, reduced downtime, more informed decision making and much more.

What is IOT4.0?
ioT 4.0 is the movement that builds on the process over the last few decades that has been made in connectivity between machines and data collection. We can now take the data we have been collecting and apply it to improving processes within organizations.

Why is data and data analytics important?
Most machines produce data whether it is being recorded or not. Without properly collecting, analyzing, and applying this information manufacturers are missing opportunities to correct costly production and quality issues. Having a well-designed data acquisition system will save on years of alternative, less effective means of discovering bottlenecks, root causes, and implementing solutions that do not solve their problems.

What is the cost of a SCADA system? Is funding available?
Our commitment to building long-lasting relationships with our customers by delivering quality customizable solutions has made us one of the most competitive companies in the region when it comes to cost, and we work on projects of all sizes.

In addition, many states are currently offering generous incentives for manufacturers to create or upgrade their data collection systems. For example, Connecticut is currently offering grants to manufacturers located in the state of Connecticut. If you are located outside of Connecticut, we would be happy to see if there are similar local incentives in your area.

What is Ignition software? How can my organization benefit from Ignition?
Ignition is a leading SCADA/HMI package that is built on modern IT practices rather than proprietary frameworks. Its unlimited license model allows for hundreds of simultaneous projects to be used and is the most scalable software available. It can be deployed as a Java Application or a web application and is the best solution for any project that requires a tablet or mobile device to be used. Using Ignition will quickly transform the way automation challenges are defined and understood by engineering and IT professionals. It is an incredibly powerful tool and when combined with the right support, Ignition will give the company using it a serious advantage over their competitors.

Do you offer short term supportive coverage as we try to hire a new engineer or programmer?
Yes. We are very accommodating to business needs and are flexible to fill in on a short term/temporary capacity. Additionally, we are comfortable working with team members at any level within the organization.

Do you offer onsite training for our operators and other team members?
Yes. Our engineers will train and work with your team members to ensure that our work meets the requirements and comfort level of all stakeholders. Our goal is to familiarize your team with this new technology system and help them be confident using it every day. We have found that confidence at every level of the automation system really does lead to success.

What is a Control Systems Integrator?
A control systems integrator is a person with specialized skills in the area of programable logic (PLC) programming, human machine interface (HMI) programming, electrical panel design and troubleshooting. This is a person that can assess and optimize electrical and information systems to be programmed to follow operator commands, in addition to production and quality requirements.

Why not use AI or ChatGPT to upgrade my factory?
While AI can be a great tool for some functions, AI cannot fully deploy automation systems. It will likely be years before an AI system has this specific capability. Recently, some chat GPT systems have been used to design or bootstrap certain parts of the automation stack such as completing some PLC routine or SCADA view. Using these types of systems requires even greater knowledge than having a controls engineer do them at this point.

What is OEE?
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a commonly used metric to define the capabilities of a manufacturing process. It considers performance, quality, and availability metrics to produce a percentage evaluation of how well that process is being performed. It is meant to be used as a vehicle towards steady improvement. It is not necessarily a measurement of how well staff are performing, although team members’ efforts do contribute to this value. The easiest way to improve your facility’s OEE is to work on the component key performance indicator (KPI) that is the lowest.

What type of industries does Pronto System Solutions work with?
We are building applications as unique as the industries we serve, and our SCADA applications are perfectly suited for environments of any variety of automation requirements. We have contributed to the advancement metallurgical quality control by integrating eddy current, high voltage, and bead inspection data collection and monitoring to predict defects based on production conditions. If you are manufacturing something, we are going to be your greatest partner in identifying and measuring progress with your team. We have extensive experience in material handling, tobacco, medical devices, chemical/radiological monitoring, lab equipment and sensors, heat treatment, wire production systems, automated cells, operations management software, laser or image-based micrometers, vision systems, barcode readers, and mobile solutions.

Do you offer support packages?
We offer 24/7 support agreements upon request.